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 Friendly, affordable education for your special puppy. Effective training with only kind, positive, reward based methods. 

One-to-one PUPPY training

Hello and welcome! My name is Rebecca, and I am the Puppy Tutor.

As a professional dog trainer and behaviour advisor I spent years treating reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding and more in adult dogs, then I had an epiphany! The best way to categorically reduce behaviour problems is to focus heavily on prevention in puppies. Ever since, this has become not only my specialist field but also an all-consuming passion.

Would you believe me if I told you your puppy is not a blank canvas, no matter how diligent you may have been in choosing the right breeder?

I'm here to work with you proactively throughout the sensitive stages of development in your young puppy or adolescent dog, with bespoke in-person training sessions to suit all needs.

Why be lost in the crowd at a puppy class with limited time to talk to the trainer, when you could have private affordable 121 training? Whole hour sessions just for you, your family and your puppy.

I can also show you fun bonding training games, that prevent issues before they even have a chance to manifest! All using science-based positive reinforcement training.

Your private 121 puppy training sessions will take place in the comfort of your own home or, if you prefer, training can take place in an outdoor location (or a mix of both!). And with the flexibility to select (mutually agreeable) days and times from week to week, to suit your schedule and lifestyle, you won't need to drag yourself out after a stressful day to head to puppy classes.

Those needle sharp teeth, the sleepless nights and accidents in the house can leave us with a big dose of the puppy blues (yes, that really is a thing, you are not alone!)

I want to help you understand puppy behaviour and give you the educational tools to communicate and read the body language of your much loved dog. And have the dog you always dreamed of!

What's more, I use such kind but effective training methods, so you can start sessions within a week of your puppy settling into the home (which is actually hugely beneficial to you and your puppy).

Between the ages of 4 weeks and 5 months, puppies enter a rapid learning stage, which sets the stage for their adult behaviour and outlook on life. It is important for your puppy to start learning how to live in our busy human world as soon as possible to avoid problems.

My professional services are essential for first time puppy owners. But are equally ideal for people who wish to give their puppy the very best education, regardless of if they've had a dog before. Because every dog is unique. And what's more, I like to make sessions fun (where appropriate), making them suitable for young members of your family to join in with the training too.

You can have a wonderful relationship with your dog based on love, trust and happy compliance. Never intimidation or force.

Sessions are £55 per hour per session. In-person in your home or outside in your local area. Plus I offer WhatsApp support when you need it between sessions.

Please text 07380 633272 to book a free phone consultation (lasting up to 45 minutes). Explain any issues you are facing with your puppy and/or your training goals to find out how the puppy tutor can be of service.


Every training and advice session is tailored to your individual needs, but below is an example of what can be provided.


  • Building confidence in the fearful puppy.
  • Improve communication: understand how dogs learn and how to read subtle signals of stress, annoyance and affection.
  • Toilet training advice (whether living in a house with garden or high-rise flat, the Puppy Tutor has a solution for you)
  • Exercise & Nutrition: Needs of your chosen breed/cross breed: how to keep your dog happy, healthy (and you stress free!)
  • The best approach to training explained and demonstrated step-by-step (sit, down, come, stay, leave it, settle and much more can be taught by the puppy tutor.)
  • Solutions for boisterous behaviour (including jumping up, mouthing/biting/attention barking)
  • Solutions to destructive chewing, pulling at clothes, stealing items and playfully nipping the kids.
  • How to get your puppy used to their collar, harness, lead.
  • Ways to achieve controlled leash walking.
  • Crate training. (And why you should teach, even if you don't plan to use a dog crate on a regular basis)
  • Prepare for meetings with the vet and/or groomer (getting puppy to used to handling and grooming routines)
  • Learn how to prevent food and object guarding.
  • Recall Training
  • How to re-direct and guide your puppy positively without verbal reprimands, intimidation, force or restraint.
  • Advice on general set up and equipment.
  • How to take puppy socialisation on the road and protect your puppy from negative experiences.
  • Dog law, what you need to know.
  • Trick Training (great for kids to increase their bond and understanding of their dog companion)


The Puppy Tutor is led by Rebecca Harris. She is a certified professional force-free trainer and dog behaviour adviser. Rebecca specialises in the prevention of the development of behaviours issues in puppies (including fear and aggression). 

Rebecca is very passionate about helping both people and dogs to have fulfilling lives together and making a positive difference in society by providing effective, friendly, affordable, reward-based training. She likes working with people not just their dogs and is very supportive and personable. 

Professional Qualifications

Certified Puppy Training Specialist: Puppy Specialist Course ,OCN Level III qualification in 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour, Advanced Canine Body Language Level 3 (VTQ), Canine Body Language Instructor, Canine Behaviour Counselling (Theory and Practice) Level 3 Diploma, Animal Behaviour Level 3 Diploma, Professional Dog Obedience Trainer Diploma.

Kennel Club Grade 7 (and Champion UKA) Agility Dog Handler.

I have also completed with distinction training and education from Think Dog! behaviour, Dunbar Academy and Dog Behaviour & Cognition with Duke University, and Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - multiple courses undertaken. And I'm a proud member of the Sarah Whitehead inner circle of behaviours and trainers.

Fully supports the code of practice set out by the APDT and only applies ethical, scientifically proven methods.





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